My Internship Experience at Cisco

We Are Cisco

It has been almost four months since I started my journey with Cisco. It wasn’t easy getting here, I imagined every worst-case scenario that could happen but I am glad I persevered and got the opportunity to intern with this wonderful organization.

How did I clear the Cisco Ideathon process?

Am I worthy enough to be here?

All these questions and doubts riddled my mind. But after more than 16 weeks here, these doubts are already distant memories. Cisco no longer feels like the unfamiliar territory that it was before I started my internship. It’s now a place where I belong.

I remember being in my first year of college and dreaming about working for Cisco. Being inquisitive about networking, I knew Cisco was the “it” place for me. Having already established its name as being one of the giants in the networking domain, Cisco was a dream company for me.

Cisco has been ranked number 1 in Fortune’s100 Best Companies to Work For — 2022 and I am glad to be a part of this esteemed organization.

Cisco’s internship experience is known to be one the best among the top companies. Even during Covid when everything had to be moved online, Cisco stood up to its reputation of being the most exciting workplace. Working days at Cisco are filled with many stimulating activities whether it is playing with bots, online jamming sessions, or magic shows, Cisco made all efforts to keep us engaged and excited. Despite the fact that the event was virtual, there was a strong focus on the need for teamwork. We were put in break-out rooms during orientation to develop relationships with our fellow interns. I’ve made so many great friendships with other interns that will remain long after my internship is over.

With all the fun came responsibilities and work too. In the first month of our internship, we were required to acquire the industry-certified certification for DevNet. We were given in-depth training on all the concepts that were needed for the certification which made our job pretty easy.

After the certification, we were assigned to our respective mentors and this is when the real work began because now we had to start working on projects. But nevertheless, I appreciated the flexibility and trust that my mentor had in me, developing and presenting feasible ideas. I never felt hesitant to ask him a question, and he helped me come up with the best solutions. Knowing that, even as an intern, my opinion in the decision-making process was valued, was one of the satisfying feelings. It made me feel like I was making an actual contribution to the development of the organization and it helped alleviate my confidence in my skills.

Despite the fact that I was an intern, my team treated me as if I were a member of the family. There were activities such as Friday game time and daily office lunches to help create new bonds. This helped me feel more connected to my team and have a better understanding of who they were as individuals as well as coworkers.

Overall, my experience at Cisco has altered my perspective on working in the technology business. Work doesn’t have to be stressful, and you may look forward to building something valuable with a motivated team by jointly tackling important challenges. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship experience!

Undergrad Student | Full Stack Developer | Java Developer | Backend Developer | JavaScript Developer

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Sparsh Chadha

Sparsh Chadha

Undergrad Student | Full Stack Developer | Java Developer | Backend Developer | JavaScript Developer

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